Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sony Rolly User Interface - Ipod Killer

See the Fly?

Studies have shown that adding a picture of a fly into a urinal acts to reduce spillage by a significant amount, as it serves as an aim for the users of the urinal.

A fly in the urinal – what does it make you think of? Dirty? Disgusting? Obscene? Tasteless? It is actually an example of excellent usability. Dutch manufacturers realized that a fly painted on the porcelain of a urinal nearly always became a "target" for men using the facility. And the fly is positioned in precisely the right place for minimal spillage or splashback.

Clever those Dutch!

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Problem with my Mobile.

My friend Pravin, met me last week and we discussed on HCI. Also discussed on Action plans of World Usability Day.

He couldn't able to attend an imporant meeting on time, because of one of the problem he faced in his Mobile Instrument "Kyocera".

He shared his experience - A cellphone - "A Story"

I explored my newly bought cell phone and changed it's language to an unknown foreign one. I referred this several times to my service provider but they were all in vain to get a soln.reason can be oftwo types.one is that the cell manufacturer shouldhave given a user guide to the languages present inthe cell and the other one is that the serviceprovider should have devised a systematic soln to thiscommon & frequent problem as exploring one's cell is agood time pass. I rectified it by referring user guide in the required language from the concerned showroom and analyzing them based on picture comparisons between english and concerned language's user guide. A little bit of effort by the service provider or the cell manufacturer could have earned a huge amount of good will from it's customers.